With over 15 years experience in education and knowing all the demands of teaching, at Noble Doughnut we believe that we can help resource that all important space of TUTOR TIME. Our weekly digital magazine is a perfect ‘ready to use package’ that helps to create an active and fruitful tutor space as well as saving teachers time and stress!

The TEACHER PACKAGE is available for a single yearly fee of £300 per school. With this all teachers can have unlimited access to these additional pages in the Noble Doughnut magazine; which has guidelines and further resources to enhance the Noble Doughnut experience within schools.

This additional content includes: discussion starters and activities related to each video that week, wisdom quotes, reflection and meditation material. We also have a couple of pages for faith schools which include a weekly prayer and scripture study based on Church of England lectionary year.

For more information or to access a FREE trial, please email us 

Our Teacher Pack aims:

To provide an easy to use, unique and relevant resource for teachers to use within schools.

To help foster an active and fruitful tutor time space which supports healthy child development and positive relationships between staff and students.

To provide a holistic option to the increasingly vital provision and promotion of PSHE, SMSC understanding, Mental Health and Wellbeing within schools.

To provide additional Collective Worship resources/reflection for schools with a Christian ethos.

To support teacher wellbeing through providing a ready to use resource for tutor times, designed specifically to save time and stress.

To create a resource which will challenge, encourage and inspire young people on those all important cognitive, emotional and spiritual levels.


Important information

The videos we select and share are freely available to view anywhere on the Internet via YouTube and Vimeo. We do not sell access to these videos, we only sell access to the Teacher Pack resource content to which schools subscribe.

We aim to be a creative and positive filter for young people in this information saturated digital world. The videos are curated under the themes of Ideas, People and Wonder and we make every effort to select videos that have interesting, useful and inspiring content for young people. It is our aim to help young people engage safely and healthily with the internet and to elevate the important skills of discussion, listening and storytelling both in and out of school.

We do not necessarily endorse any of the views or content from any of the individuals/organisations who create the video content we share. Nor do we endorse or are responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products, or other materials on that may be connected to the videos including YouTube ads.

We encourage schools to skip through any pop up ads that appear on a video stream and to treat these pages as they would any other YouTube resource. Noble Doughnut is concerned about the safety and privacy of all its users, particularly children and we make every effort to ensure all content is pre-screened and suitable before being posted to these pages of the digital magazine. We also encourage schools/tutors to judge and determine whether the content is appropriate for their particular students – as we appreciate they know them best. In order to help with this we make each edition available to view in advance via the teacher login.