Teacher Pack for Secondary schools

How much will it cost?

A school can receive unlimited access to the teacher package for just £300 for the year. This means each week there will be a separate addition with lots of resources for students and teachers to access, including discussion questions and meditations. Also for faith schools, there is the option of weekly prayers and reflections based on the Liturgical church calendar readings.

We officially start publishing weekly from the start of September 2017. To get a taste of the magazine please visit the links below.

Something to share?

We love to share and promote the amazing work of organisations and individuals that are making a positive difference to this world of ours. If you have a story to tell or know of noble or beautiful work that is being created, get in touch and we will happily look at sharing it on our magazine. Our magazine is divided into categories of IDEAS, PEOPLE and WONDER and we love to share VIDEOS. We will of course accredit all work to the owners and provide the necessary links. It is important to note that all shared content is published on Noble Doughnut Magazine which can be freely accessed on the internet at